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Proud To Exhibit At 2017 GBTA Convention

Posted by Fatima Arsala Posted on Aug - 9 - 2017 0 Comment Categories Business Travel, News Tags

U.S. Sedan Worldwide was proud to exhibit at last month’s Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention in Boston. This year’s event took place from July 15th to July 19th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

About the GBTA Convention

The GBTA Convention is the world’s largest business travel event. This year, over 7,000 business travel professionals gathered to discuss important trends, issues and guidelines affecting the business travel industry. The event featured 400 exhibitors and more than seventy education sessions on issues currently affecting the industry. Attendees from fifty different countries were present at the event.

The sold-out event featured a number of suppliers, offering the latest business travel products. U.S. Sedan Worldwide was happy to be among this group.

Using Technology to Improve Business Travel

Many people at the convention were curious about the way in which technology can improve business travel. U.S. Sedan uses modern technology to provide exceptional service to our clients. We utilize a computer-assisted dispatch system to ensure our drivers arrive on time, every time.

In the case of private aviation travelers, our system can be used to effectively track flights in real-time. This allows our chauffeurs to arrive at the correct destination at the proper time. Our drivers can quickly and easily make adjustments whether flights are running early, delayed or even scheduled to land in a different location.

Many discussions also took place at the GBTA Convention regarding the impact of geopolitical factors on business travel and conduct. During the five-day show, several industry experts discussed advancements to travel technology as well as industry changes.

High Quality Ground Transportation Services

U.S. Sedan Worldwide offers a variety of business travel services. We are pleased to provide corporate travelers, diplomats and chartered airlines with ground transportation services. Our professional chauffeurs are committed to quality and security.

Our chauffeurs are fully licensed and insured. They undergo comprehensive background checks and extensive training. We use only the most luxurious sedans, limousines and specialty vehicles.

If you need a ride from the airport or to an important meeting, we can help you arrive calm, confident and in style. Please contact us for more information about our services.

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Top Private Aviation Myths

Posted by Fatima Arsala Posted on Jul - 7 - 2017 0 Comment Categories Business Travel, Executive Transportation, Uncategorized Tags

private aviationPrivate aviation has a number of benefits for travelers. However, many individuals believe this type of travel is only for the extremely wealthy. While private jet travel might not be the right choice for everybody, travelers should look beyond the following myths when exploring their options.

Myth #1: Private aviation is only for the very rich

Although traveling by private jet does cost more than flying commercial, it’s not as inaccessible as many people believe. Most of the private jets that you see at the airport belong to charter services. These planes are primarily used by business people.
Private jets allow for greater flexibility and are able to land in more airports than commercial planes. This can actually save travelers on additional traveling costs and accommodations.

Myth # 2: Private jets are subject to just as many delays as commercial airlines during inclement weather

Private jets are able to land in more airports than commercial airlines. This gives pilots the option of waiting until bad weather passes or choosing to land in an alternate airport.

Myth # 3: Flying commercial is faster

Some of the fastest jets in the world are private jets. In addition to being faster, private jets are able to travel above commercial airlines, helping them avoid the bad weather and turbulence that can slow them down.

When you fly private aviation, you effectively eliminate lengthy wait times. There is no need to wait for a private jet to be unloaded and boarded. Travelers flying private aviation avoid security checks as well. Flying private aviation ensures that you arrive at your destination on time, every time.

U.S. Sedan services 5,000 general aviation terminals around the world. We are the number one choice of the private aviation industry. Our competent drivers track flights in real time. They are well equipped with the latest mobile technology and are able to quickly adjust to accommodate modified schedules. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When flying private aviation, you can trust U.S. Sedan to be there when you need us. Please contact us for more information about our services.

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Mind Your Manners: International Business Travel Tips

Posted by Dave Morell Posted on Apr - 11 - 2017 0 Comment Categories Business Travel Tags

To be successful in business, we all must know how, and what kind of relationships to develop with each other, with our nearby neighbors, and with our neighbors far away. Our marketplace, our community, our jobs: We’ve all gone global.

Nowhere is this more true than in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. At US Sedan, we provide ground transportation for visiting diplomats and C-level executives who have come from every corner of the world. Some visit for pleasure, others for business, but all must adapt to our specific way of doing things; our customs. While here, they speak our language, and eat food our way, and deal with our traffic. (Hey, at least it’s one of OUR highly trained chauffeurs doing the driving, right?)

But what about when it’s us doing the traveling? What happens when we must do the border crossing, and when we must conform to a different way of doing things? Suddenly, we’re as confused as the Chinese diplomat who doesn’t understand a public discussion of criticism (even when it’s constructive).

International business etiquette is confusing, to be sure. Saying the right thing, or doing the wrong can truly make or break a burgeoning business relationship, so we’ve put together this brief guide to help you transition seamlessly into doing business in other countries


China & Japan

  • In China and Japan, punctuality is crucial; do not be late.
  • Business attire is formal. While this is true in most Asian countries, a suit and tie, or a dress should always be worn to professional meetings in Japan.
  • Upon meeting, present your business card with both hands, and nod. It is considered most polite to examine the other person’s business card carefully before putting it away in a place such as your breast pocket.


  • Unlike in China and Japan, your Indian business companions will not be overly offended if you are a little late, but don’t push it.
  • Business meetings are far less formal, and far more social here. It is considered rude to jump straight to the point of the meeting, so be prepared to make small talk first. You might ingratiate yourself by asking questions of the family.



  • English business professionals will expect you to show up on time, or even slightly early for your meeting.
  • Personal touches, such as hugging or kissing, are reserved for family members and close friends. Be sure to respect this custom, and allow for a certain amount of personal space.


  • Show up to your meeting on time; this is fairly universal. Fairly.
  • Address everyone in business conversation as Mr. or Ms., no matter the professional hierarchy — unless, of course, you have been instructed otherwise.
  • Do not remove your suit jacket during a business meeting. This will be considered rude.


  • Punctuality is of limited importance. You will be considered “on time” for a business meeting, even if you’re 10 minutes late.
  • Dress is formal, fashionable, and well tailored. It is France, after all.
  • Just as in Germany, the removal of your suit jacket during a business meeting could be considered rude.

US Sedan — Washington DC’s premier ground transportation service provider for nearly two decades — moves the people who move the world.

International Business Etiquette | C-level Executive Travel | Washington DC

Out of Town Job Interview? Go Get That Job!

Posted by Dave Morell Posted on Mar - 30 - 2017 0 Comment Categories Business Travel Tags

Traveling can be stressful. Job interviews are stressful. Bring these together and you’ve got yourself… something potentially unpleasant. But it’s your dream job we’re talking about, in a city where you’ve always dreamed of living. Jitters, I know you have them and that’s totally normal, but there is a way! With a little careful planning, you can ease those anxious feelings and fly on your way to an exciting new professional opportunity.

Navigate an out-of-town job interview with grace and in style.

Always be prepared. This is, of course, still a job interview. Walk in confident and knowledgeable, ready to sell yourself and your skills. Research the company and its culture, and develop talking points in answer to common interview questions. Oh and you never know when you might be asked for a second round of meetings the next day; be prepared with a little extra luggage and some cash.

Give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going. Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, it’s wise to allow more time than you’ll think you need to make the trip. ‘Late’ is the worst first impression. When at all possible, schedule your flight to arrive the night (or at the very least, several hours not few) before the day of the interview; if driving, build in at least an hour of buffer time.

Keep it professional. That’s a nice hotel, with an even nicer bar. Don’t do it. Just because you’re away from home and you can doesn’t mean it’s wise to get a little tipsy. Why not spend the evening NOT having to fight over the remote, and turn in early for a good night’s sleep.

Don’t break the bank. It’s often the case that your potential employer will offer to pay for travel and lodging expenses related to the interview. But that certainly doesn’t mean you should treat the courtesy like a blank check. Reserve a standard room, not a suite and avoid ordering the most expensive items on the room service menu. When making travel arrangements, it may even behoove you to ask about preferred airlines, hotel chains, and car service providers; your contact will appreciate the forethought.

Nerves aside, you’re so excited. A new job in a new city. It’s like a fresh start. And you’re ready to start today. For all of your travel and preparation before the interview, don’t forget to follow up. A well crafted, personal follow-up email to thank the hiring manager for her time and consideration could make all the difference. Good luck, and safe travels.

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Mind Your Ps & Qs: Limousine Etiquette from Miami’s Car Service Provider

Posted by Dave Morell Posted on Oct - 24 - 2016 0 Comment Categories Business Travel Tags

The annual company meeting is fast approaching, and you’ve been tasked with arranging transportation for the C-level executives flying in from Berlin to Miami International Airport. The choice was clear: US Sedan Service.

The reservation is set, and the pickup time has been confirmed. You’ve hired the finest, most well respected Miami car service, and together you’ll travel to the airport to retrieve your honored guests. They’ve had a long flight, and you don’t want to be a minute late, so you called and confirmed the pickup time, for the third time.

US Sedan Service understands the size of the responsibility on your shoulders, but remember, you made the smart choice, and hired the professionals. Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride, and mind the finer points of proper limousine etiquette.

  • Know how many passengers will be in your party, and let us know ASAP if your party size changes. For safety and for comfort, we want to ensure the car we provide can equip the appropriate number of passengers.
  • Always request a non-smoking car — even if you think this is common sense.
  • Ask to know the color, make, and model of the limousine or car, and pass this information along to your C-level executives.
  • When we arrive at our destination, remain seated. It is your professional chauffeur’s duty to open the door, and assist all passengers as they exit.
  • The last person to enter the limousine should always be the first to exit.
  • All luggage will be loaded, and unloaded by your professional chauffeur.
  • Let the driver know, right away, who will sit where, and what stops will need to be made; provide exact directions to specific locations if necessary.
  • Be mindful of seat positions. The “power seat,” or that at the back right, should always be reserved for the VIP. The “jump seat,” or that facing backwards, is often considered the most uncomfortable, and is where the junior executive (In this case: you.) should seat herself. The C-level executive should never be left to sit in this position, nor in the back middle seat.
  • When entering the limousine, sit in the seat, swing your legs in, and slide. Never step in first, as no one wants (nor needs) a clear view of your rear end.
  • Never request that the driver exceed the speed limit.
  • As you exit the limousine at the end of your ride, take a glance around and ensure that the car is left as clean as it was when you entered. A good rule of thumb is to treat your US Sedan Service vehicle as if it were your own.

When you’ve hired US Sedan for your Miami car service needs:

You can rest assured knowing that all members of your party — executives, managers, and assistants — will be treated with the utmost respect by your professional chauffeur.

limo chauffeur services miami

Corporate Transportation in Miami, Florida

Posted by Fatima Arsala Posted on Apr - 27 - 2016 0 Comment Categories Business Travel, Uncategorized Tags

We understand your needs as a business professional; you require a transportation service with the utmost professionalism. US Sedan Service is the best choice for private luxury sedan services and corporate transportation services in Miami, Florida.

When meeting with clients or other business, it is always important to project a positive, professional image. This is especially true if your client must travel with you to a business meeting or function. In these types of situations, it’s in your best interest to invest in a professional chauffeur service.

In today’s competitive business world, a great first impression can mean the difference between winning over an important future client and making no impact at all. Finding affiliates and building relationships is a key aspect of a businesses’ success, and entertaining a client is a pivotal experience for both your company and your career.

Finding the right corporate transportation service can be a daunting task. Many people worry about a chauffeur’s reliability. US Sedan Service understands how important it is that corporate travelers get to their destination on time and without hassle. That’s why dependability, security and professionalism are our top priorities. We utilize computer assisted dispatch to ensure dependable departure and arrival. Our professional chauffeurs are fully licensed and receive extensive training. Prior to employment, all US Sedan executive chauffeurs undergo drug testing and a background check.

Our fully trained and experienced Corporate Event Coordinators are available to work out all of your corporate transportation details. Our team assists you with the planning and execution of your event in regards to the agenda, location and travel requirements. On-site management is provided to make sure that your event runs smoothly.

Make the most out of your trip by investing in US Sedan Service of Miami.

We are conveniently located at:

5700 NW 36th Ave,
Miami, FL 33142

Please contact us at 1-888-US SEDAN for more information or make a reservation.

Sedan Services In Miami FLA

It’s Easy: Make Good Choices & Stay Healthy While Traveling for Business

Posted by Dave Morell Posted on Mar - 15 - 2016 0 Comment Categories Business Travel Tags

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and that only means one thing: Your busy season has begun. It feels like you’re traveling more often than you’re not, and if you’re not traveling, you’re calling upon US Sedan to provide executive transportation for someone who’s traveling to you.

Here it is, mid-March, and you’ve done so well to keep on top of your New Year’s resolution to get, and stay physically and mentally healthy; the last thing you want to do is derail all that now. The entertaining, the hotels, the meals out — they could make the right choices a little more difficult to… make.

But they don’t have to, not with these: A few helpful tips for staying healthy while traveling for business

Plan ahead.

If you’re flying to reach your destination, don’t depend on winging it to find healthy food at the airport, or on the airplane. Bring your own sandwiches and salads whenever possible, or contact your airline ahead of time to determine the availability of low calorie, low fat choices.

Ditto for when you’re traveling by executive sedan; and in fact, this makes your choices even more plentiful. Pack a cooler with fresh fruits, low-fat cheese sticks, granola bars, and lots of water. And stay away from the temptation of convenience store snacks.

Don’t let boredom make you overeat.

When you’ve got hours of travel ahead of you, what else is there to do but eat? Plenty! Bring along a great book, your iPhone music library loaded down with your favorite music, magazines, crossword puzzles, or Netflix on your laptop to keep you from constant snacking.

Limit your alcohol consumption.

Conferences and business trips are filled with long nights out, and happy hours at the hotel bar. Just think of all the calories. The truth is, no one will bat an eye if you choose to sip on club soda instead. On the occasion you do want to enjoy an adult beverage, opt for diet-friendly choices like wine, or light beer.

When possible, book a hotel with a fitness facility.

At home, you’ve got your gym routine locked down, but all that change — and it’s easy to make excuses when working out just isn’t convenient. But there’s nothing more convenient than a gym that’s an elevator’s ride away. Check meeting schedules and appointments, and plan your workout time in advance.

Be determined and committed, but also flexible.

The ultimate goal is to not let your travels become an excuse to stop working out, but sometimes life gets in the way. There may be a day you have to skip, or a day you’re only able to spend a half hour at the gym instead of your regular two hours: That’s okay. Because some activity is better than none.

how to stay healthy and active while traveling businessman us limo services

Strategies to Help Protect Your Business from Geopolitical Conflict

Posted by Dave Morell Posted on Aug - 31 - 2015 0 Comment Categories Business Travel Tags

In today’s global economy, where almost every business is a multinational one, the prevention and management of geopolitical risk is high on the agenda for many C-level executives. And according to the recent World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2015 report, it’s only expected to continue.

From the forum came talk of the most likely geopolitical risks, which include:

  • Interstate conflict, such as Russia’s annexation of Crimea
  • Failure of national governance
  • Weapons of mass destruction
  • State collapse or crisis

So when doing business in developing and/or less stable parts of the world, the best thing executives and business owners can do is be prepared for anything and everything. Too simplistic? Maybe, but it’s true. Risk professionals have to think about everything from company assets and investments, to personnel located around the world and all possible threats physical and political.

Consider the following strategies for managing geopolitical risk in 2015:

1. Think across country lines. Political hotspots can emerge in every corner of the world, even where there might have previously been peace, and is often driven by any number of underlying political, economic, and societal factors. When purchasing business insurance, choose multi-country credit and political risk programs. Such policy programs offer more wide-reaching regional or global coverage, and will protect your business from risks that include political violence, currency inconvertibility, expropriation, non-payment, and contract frustration.

2. Protect intangible, as well as tangible assets. In addition to political risk, multinational businesses are often threatened by international vendors or partners whose credit falters, or those who don’t pay. This falls under the umbrella of risk presented by state collapse or crisis; when a government collapses or descends into crisis, it often loses its ability to honor financial obligations, and this often spreads into the private sector, creating a chain reaction of default. Executives might consider purchasing structured credit insurance.

3. Know how the business will respond to conflict before conflict occurs. Terrorist-lead or politically motivated attacks happen without warning, so it’s vitally important to have an effective crisis management plan in place even when it seems there is no need. The development and testing of crisis plans can guarantee effective communication between employees, and ensure everyone is kept safe in the event of an emergency.

For more information, download the 2015 Global Risks Report.

Young businesswoman in the backseat of a car, talks on a cellphone and looks out the window. Horizontal shot. US sedan limo services

US Sedan to Offer New Cloud Network and Mobile Application for Advanced and Real-Time Reservations

Posted by Fatima Arsala Posted on Jul - 31 - 2015 0 Comment Categories Business Travel Tags

Deem, Inc. Is Partnering With Leading Chauffeured Transportation Companies, Like US Sedan Service, To Deliver Next-Generation Cloud Network And Mobile Application To Business Travelers And Premium Consumers Globally. Offering Advanced and Real-Time Reservations for Business and Personal Use Combined with Duty-of-Care, Vetted and Insured Drivers, World-Class Service, User Preferences and Corporate Policies.


ORLANDO, Fla., July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Deem, the leading Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) company, today announced a broad-based strategic sales, marketing and technology partnership with leading global, national and regional chauffeured transportation companies. The companies will combine the ease-of-use of ride-hailing apps with the largest and most trusted network of chauffeured transportation companies globally, spanning more than 80 countries and 700 cities.

Deem, Inc.
Leading operators such as EmpireCLS, Music Express, Pure Luxury, Flyte Tyme, Arrow Limousine, Gem Limousine Worldwide, Universal Limousine, U.S. Sedan Service Inc., North Point Transportation, AJL International, Sterling Limousine and others have chosen Deem as their preferred technology partner to promote their brands, fleets and inventory to corporations, business travelers and premium consumers.

Deem will leverage its $200 million investment in its one-of-a-kind cloud and mobile platform to deliver a highly-scalable real-time network and mobile application, effectively leveling the technology playing field against the new class of transportation network companies (TNCs). As a result of this partnership, the chauffeured transportation industry will be able to focus on its longstanding core strength of delivering the safest and highest quality ground service worldwide while corporations will be able to combine Duty-of-Care with savings and business travelers and consumers will enjoy world-class convenience, safety and service.

“The chauffeured transportation market is a $3 billion industry that has been growing more than 10 percent year over year despite being technologically disadvantaged,” said David Seelinger, CEO of EmpireCLS. “Deem is the clear choice for this industry, enabling us to leverage its proven cloud and mobile commerce capabilities, corporate travel and ground expertise and significant intellectual property in ground and mobile GPS technologies. With this partnership we can accelerate our growth, significantly expand our market opportunity and deliver the consumer experience our customers are demanding, while allowing us to invest more in our fleets, people and world-class service.”

“World-class consumer convenience, Duty-of-Care, service, safety and regulatory compliance don’t need to be mutually exclusive concepts. By incorporating all of these capabilities into the Deem application experience, we know that business travelers and premium consumers will seek out trusted chauffeured transportation companies over the many unknowns of the TNC,” said Patrick Grady, founder and CEO of Deem. “We are thrilled to collaborate with many of the world’s greatest brands in this market to delight business travelers and consumers alike, while giving companies the peace of mind that their employees have vetted and insured drivers with world-class service companies standing behind them.”

Companies can manage their corporate chauffeured transportation programs by using Deem Car Service as a standalone application or pairing it with Deem Travel, Deem Expense or the complete Deem suite to unlock the full savings potential of spend and expense management on the Deem platform. By combining user preferences, corporate policies and the negotiated rates between corporations and their preferred operators, all in a consumer-grade cloud and mobile experience, Deem Car Service will enable the perfect transaction for all stakeholders. In addition, users can create both business and personal profiles and seamlessly navigate between each to book advanced and real-time reservations for both business and leisure trips.

About Deem
Deem is a leading Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) company that connects a large and diverse ecosystem of more than 34,000 customers, 100,000 merchants, 11 million unique products and services and 40 channel partners across a one-of-a-kind business commerce network, enabling them to lower costs, increase revenue and deepen customer loyalty. Deem is backed by leading mutual fund and private equity investors. For more information visit www.deem.com.

Know Before You Go: Business Travel Safety Tips for C-Level Executives

Posted by Fatima Arsala Posted on Jul - 28 - 2015 0 Comment Categories Business Travel Tags

It’s a fact of life for many C-level executives: Travel. And lots of it. Your days, weeks, and months are filled with early morning flights, and business meetings, and deals closed over drinks or on the golf course. The business of your business travel is foremost in your mind, but safety must be a priority as well.

Consider these tips to keep you safe on your next business trip.

Before you leave

  • Pack all necessary prescription medication, and also certain over-the-counter medications (e.g., pain reliever, antihistamines, and cough syrup) so illness will never catch you unawares.
  • When traveling internationally, do not pack your passport in a bag you intend to check at the airport. Your bags could be lost or stolen, and without a passport, your travel could be hindered.
  • Ensure that your cell phone is fully charged, and the charging cord packed.

At the airport

  • Know where your carryon bag is at all times. Refrain from placing your items on the conveyor belt until the person(s) ahead of you in line have cleared security.
  • Have a contact information card attached to your luggage? Tuck it in a pocket, or otherwise hide it from clear view of everyone around you.
  • Store your laptop / laptop bag under the seat in front of you, not in the overhead bin. Bags and other such items often shift during travel, and your hardware could be damaged or stolen.

On the road

  • Before ever shifting any rental car into gear, educate yourself on the HOWs and WHEREs of operating headlights, hazard lights, and all locking mechanisms.
  • Ask the rental car agency for advice regarding what to do in the event of a breakdown or an accident. It’s always a good idea to be over-prepared.
  • Get clear driving directions, in your native language. And a road map. Or better yet, employ a digital GPS with updated software.
  • Get instructions from the rental agency about what to do in case the car breaks down or you have an accident.

At the hotel

  • Avoid rooms that open to the street.
  • Take down contact information for hotel security. And if you’ll be traveling from the hotel to your rental car late at night, ask a security officer to accompany you.
  • When ordering food from room service, ask that you be notified before your meal is due to arrive. Doing so will ensure that you only open the hotel room door for verified personnel.

When traveling abroad for business, be vigilant.

Know before you go. Check with the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs for information about your destination, including health conditions, travel advisories, political disturbances, and security information.

Your safety is of the utmost importance when traveling abroad for business.

International Business Etiquette | C-level Executive Travel | Washington DC

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