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Art Basel Miami Florida Transportation

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This month, Art Basel will be having their world-renowned American show in Miami Beach, Florida. The show will feature Modern and contemporary art from leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Visitors to the art show can enjoy paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, films, large-scale artwork and performances.

Miami Florida Art Show

Every year, the Art Basel in Miami Beach attracts over 70,000 visitors including artists, collectors, curators, critics and art enthusiasts. With so many visitors, traveling to and from this much-anticipated event can be tricky. A luxury sedan service can help ensure you arrive on time and in style. This completely eliminates the hassles of traffic and parking.

The Art Basel will hold a private day on Wednesday, December 6th and a Vernissage on Thursday morning. These events are by invitation only. The Art Basel Show is open to the public from Thursday, December 7th to Sunday, December 10th. Hours on Thursday are from 3pm to 8pm and Friday through Saturday from 12pm to 8pm. Hours on Sunday are from 12pm to 6pm.

The Art Basel show is conveniently located near Miami International Airport (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The show is within walking distance of the South Beach Art Deco district.

In addition to Art Basel, Miami Beach offers several opportunities for art lovers. Visitors to the area can view some of the world’s finest collections of Modern and contemporary art.

Luxury Transportation in Miami

U.S. Sedan offers transportation to and from a variety of events in Miami, Florida. Our luxury sedans provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort and convenience. Our professional chauffeurs are well trained to provide top-notch service. All of this and more are available for half the price of a limousine.

After visiting Art Basel, our professional chauffeur will be happy to transport you to any of the other internationally renowned art institutions in the area. There are a number of special exhibits that coincide with Art Basel.

Please contact us for more information about chauffeured transportation to this event.

art basel miami transportation

Top Private Aviation Myths

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private aviationPrivate aviation has a number of benefits for travelers. However, many individuals believe this type of travel is only for the extremely wealthy. While private jet travel might not be the right choice for everybody, travelers should look beyond the following myths when exploring their options.

Myth #1: Private aviation is only for the very rich

Although traveling by private jet does cost more than flying commercial, it’s not as inaccessible as many people believe. Most of the private jets that you see at the airport belong to charter services. These planes are primarily used by business people.
Private jets allow for greater flexibility and are able to land in more airports than commercial planes. This can actually save travelers on additional traveling costs and accommodations.

Myth # 2: Private jets are subject to just as many delays as commercial airlines during inclement weather

Private jets are able to land in more airports than commercial airlines. This gives pilots the option of waiting until bad weather passes or choosing to land in an alternate airport.

Myth # 3: Flying commercial is faster

Some of the fastest jets in the world are private jets. In addition to being faster, private jets are able to travel above commercial airlines, helping them avoid the bad weather and turbulence that can slow them down.

When you fly private aviation, you effectively eliminate lengthy wait times. There is no need to wait for a private jet to be unloaded and boarded. Travelers flying private aviation avoid security checks as well. Flying private aviation ensures that you arrive at your destination on time, every time.

U.S. Sedan services 5,000 general aviation terminals around the world. We are the number one choice of the private aviation industry. Our competent drivers track flights in real time. They are well equipped with the latest mobile technology and are able to quickly adjust to accommodate modified schedules. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When flying private aviation, you can trust U.S. Sedan to be there when you need us. Please contact us for more information about our services.

airplane myths aviation lies

What Executive Assistants Need to Know for Conference Travel

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Most executives don’t think about traveling until the day of an event. While this might be alright for local conferences, many executives must travel great distances to reach their destination. Conference travel can be exhausting and a lack of preparation can make the experience an absolute nightmare. In order to make your travel as stress-free and enjoyable as possible it’s important to consider the following tips.

Pack the Essentials

Before leaving, make sure that you have everything you need. Visit the hair salon, make sure the flowers are watered, and important items include business cards, conference identification, charging devices or adapters, credit cards and official identification. If you will be traveling a great distance, it’s a good idea to bring along a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries.  Also remember where you are visiting.  Are you visiting a manufacturing plant where you might need Bulk Nitrile Gloves or will you be outside where you just need a warm pair of gloves.

Decide Where to Stay

If possible, it’s best to choose the hotel provided by the host organization. This location has been chosen because it is close to the event. Staying in the host’s hotel provides an excellent opportunity for networking with other attendees.

Make Smart Choices When it Comes to Food

It’s easy to opt for convenience foods when traveling. However, eating healthy will help you feel better and be less stressed during conferences. Before arriving at your destination, check the online menus of local restaurants. Consider making a list of suitable choices.

Plan Your Agenda

Planning is an essential part of getting the most out of any experience. This is especially true for corporate events. Most conferences offer numerous meetings, guest speakers and seminars. Determine which sessions are most appropriate for your specific needs and be sure to leave enough time for in-house networking before and after gatherings.

Choose a Reliable Transportation Service

When traveling to a conference you will need to choose a service that offers friendly, professional and reliable service. An experienced transportation service ensures that you will arrive on time, comfortably and well-prepared for your conference.

About U.S. Sedan

U.S. Sedan offers luxury transportation services to corporate travelers. We use only the most luxurious and reliable sedans, limousines and specialty vehicles. Contact us to find out why we were named the number one choice by private aviation terminals in the Washington DC metropolitan area!

Sedan Transportation Services

Corporate Transportation in Miami, Florida

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We understand your needs as a business professional; you require a transportation service with the utmost professionalism. US Sedan Service is the best choice for private luxury sedan services and corporate transportation services in Miami, Florida.

When meeting with clients or other business, it is always important to project a positive, professional image. This is especially true if your client must travel with you to a business meeting or function. In these types of situations, it’s in your best interest to invest in a professional chauffeur service.

In today’s competitive business world, a great first impression can mean the difference between winning over an important future client and making no impact at all. Finding affiliates and building relationships is a key aspect of a businesses’ success, and entertaining a client is a pivotal experience for both your company and your career.

Finding the right corporate transportation service can be a daunting task. Many people worry about a chauffeur’s reliability. US Sedan Service understands how important it is that corporate travelers get to their destination on time and without hassle. That’s why dependability, security and professionalism are our top priorities. We utilize computer assisted dispatch to ensure dependable departure and arrival. Our professional chauffeurs are fully licensed and receive extensive training. Prior to employment, all US Sedan executive chauffeurs undergo drug testing and a background check.

Our fully trained and experienced Corporate Event Coordinators are available to work out all of your corporate transportation details. Our team assists you with the planning and execution of your event in regards to the agenda, location and travel requirements. On-site management is provided to make sure that your event runs smoothly.

Make the most out of your trip by investing in US Sedan Service of Miami.

We are conveniently located at:

5700 NW 36th Ave,
Miami, FL 33142

Please contact us at 1-888-US SEDAN for more information or make a reservation.

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President Obama Travels in Security, And Style (& So Can You)

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From inauguration day, to romantic anniversary dates with Michelle, and official outings in Washington DC and around the nation, President Obama’s ride is one of the safest vehicles ever made; it has to be. The 44th president’s limo — known colloquially as The Beast — is made by Cadillac, a brand with a long history of providing secure transportation to U.S. presidents since Woodrow Wilson rode down the streets of Boston during a World War 1 victory parade in 1919.

You know The Beast (How could you not?) when you see it, but did you also know?

  • Equipped with a 6.5-liter diesel engine, and weighing in at a whopping 14,000 pounds, The Beast goes from 0 to 60 — its top speed— in 15 seconds (ZOOM!).
  • The presidential limousine averages eight miles per gallon.
  • Most of The Beast’s weight comes from the Armor protection: The body is made up of steel, aluminum, titanium and even ceramic.
  • Window glass is five-inches thick, and only the driver’s window opens. All windows are hermetically sealed to protect the limo’s occupants from chemical attack.
  • The Beast has its own oxygen supply.
  • The doors are eight-inches thick, and weigh as much as a Boeing 747’s.
  • With five-inch windows, and eight-inch doors, no sound is getting in that puppy: There are speakers built-in to relay the ambient sound of the crowd.
  • The underside is reinforced with a Kevlar mat.
  • The fuel tank is leak proof and filled with special foam that prevents it from exploding, even if hit directly.
  • Two holes in the front bumper are strategically placed to emit tear gas and fire smoke grenades if necessary.
  • There is also an infrared video system for the driver to drive through smoke, and night vision cameras for driving in darkness without lights.
  • Cadillac One flies two flags: Typically, the American flag and the Presidential Standard, which are lit up at night with LEDs. When Obama, and The Beast travel internationally, the Presidential Standard is replaced by the flag of the country he is visiting.
  • The Beast of today is not the same Beast in which President Obama traveled during his first term in office. A new presidential limousine is built to spec every four years, and the old ones are handed down to vice presidents and visiting heads of state.

US Sedan understands that clients require personal protection that does not impede their ability to conduct business as normal. Upon request, U.S. Sedan Service will arrange for special security services including armored transport vehicles, motorcade security, executive & diplomatic protection, security escorts and bodyguards for your safety.

limo chauffeur services washington dc

Top-Rated Attractions in Washington DC for the Discerning Business Traveler

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When your C-level executives travel from Japan to visit the US office in Tysons Corner, US Sedan will do the driving. We’ll pick up foreign diplomats when they arrive at Dulles or National, and we’ll make sure they get safely from one meeting to the next: You can come along, too.

We’ll do the driving, but you’ll have to do the arranging; the wining and dining; the sightseeing. But that’s not to say we can’t help. As a preeminent Washington DC ground transportation service provider, we know the region like the back of our collective hand. We’ve put together this list of the top-rated hotels, restaurants, and attractions for the discerning business traveler.

Top Washington DC Hotels for Business Travelers

Grab a cup of coffee, and settle in. This is going to be a long list.

Oh, who are we kidding? This is a list of one.

Mandarin Oriental
1330 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20024
(202) 554-8588

Within walking distance of some of the nation’s most cherished monuments, Mandarin Oriental, Washington DC offers an elegant retreat in one of the world’s most important cities. Close to both Capitol Hill and the Smithsonian Institute, this hotel exudes a refined sense of style with beautifully designed rooms, a serene spa, excellent restaurants and legendary service.

Top Restaurants for Business Travelers

Brasserie Beck
1101 K St., NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 408-1717

Brasserie Beck is a contemporary European style brasserie in the heart of DC’s burgeoning McPherson square neighborhood. True to chef/owner Robert Wiedmaier’s Belgian roots, Beck is an ideal place for a quick meal anytime of the day. This place is so good, even the diplomats straight off the plane from Brussels will be impressed.

Old Ebbitt Grill
675 15th St., NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 347-4800

Old Ebbitt Grill is just steps from The White House and museums in downtown Washington. Established in 1856, it was a favorite of Presidents Grant, Cleveland, Harding and Theodore Roosevelt and is still a popular meeting spot for political insiders, journalists, celebrities and theater-goers. The Ebbit serves upscale american saloon food with an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Top Washington DC Attractions for Business Travelers

The Kennedy Center
2700 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20566
(800) 444-1324

The Kennedy Center, located on 17 acres overlooking the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., is America’s living memorial to President Kennedy as well as the nation’s busiest arts facility. Touring Kennedy Center productions and its television, radio, and Internet broadcasts reach more than 40 million people around the world each year.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History
14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
(202) 633-1000

The National Museum of American History collects and preserves more than 3 million artifacts — all true national treasures: From the original Star-Spangled Banner and Abraham Lincoln’s top hat to Dizzy Gillespie’s angled trumpet and Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

US limo services logo

US Sedan Service Partners Exclusively with Mandarin Oriental (Washington DC) to Provide Exceptional Ground Transportation for Traveling Executives, Diplomats & Special Guests

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The year 2015 sure is off to an exciting start!

US Sedan Service Worldwide has partnered exclusively with the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington DC to provide guests a transportation experience specifically tailored to the five-star hotel’s signature brand. We’re in the business of people, and together Mandarin Oriental and US Sedan Service demand the highest level of service, to meet the high-level needs of executive business travelers, diplomats, and special visitors just like Lauren Santora and her family.

Call on us — the premier Washington area transportation service provider for nearly two decades — for all of your travel needs, from airport arrival and departure, to coordinated large event movements; and know that US Sedan Service is up to the task. Our top notch, quality trained chauffeurs will carry you to your destination, while you focus on what really matters: The business at hand. Likewise, all US Sedan Service employees have been trained in the ways of luxury to which you’ve grown accustomed while staying at the Mandarin Oriental.

Luxury From the Boarding Gate to the Boardroom

When you stay with Mandarin Oriental, you’ll travel in style. US Sedan Service offers only the most luxurious sedans, limousines, and specialty vehicles, including the hot-off-the-lot 2015 BMW 740 LXI, and hey, what kind of ground transportation servicer would we be without a 2015 Cadillac Escalade or two in the fleet?

Leave the bed making to Mandarin Oriental, and the driving to us.

About Mandarin Oriental DC

Experience modern luxury. Within walking distance of some of the nation’s most cherished monuments, Mandarin Oriental, Washington DC offers an elegant retreat in one of the world’s most important cities. Close to both Capitol Hill and the Smithsonian Institute, our hotel exudes a refined sense of style with beautifully designed rooms, a serene spa, excellent restaurants and legendary service.

US Sedan partners with Mandarin Oriental limousine services deal

US Sedan Helps Make Wishes Come True

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Meet nine-year-old Lauren Santora and her family.

Santora Family limousine services family

When Lauren was four years old, her brother (pictured right center) was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a hereditary genetic autoimmune disorder related to the small intestine that causes the sufferer to develop a severe intolerance to gluten. And so Lauren was tested, too: Positive. The Santoras knew they would adjust; they’d have to read ingredient labels, and ask for the gluten-free menu, but they knew they’d be okay.

A year passed, and Lauren and her parents visited the doctor’s office for a routine check-up. Unfortunately, the results of the five-year-old’s blood work proved to be anything but routine. Her blood sugar levels were extremely high — dangerously high. The young girl was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and admitted to the hospital, where she remained for four days as her family learned how to cope, and how to care for Lauren’s illness.

Lauren is now nine years old, and is entirely dependent upon an insulin pump. Her blood sugar levels are monitored around the clock. I don’t know about you, but if my child had Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes, I’d be tempted to enclose her in a perma-bubble. But the Santoras know their daughter as “tough, sporty girl who loves to play ice hockey, and who has been on a team since she was two.”

Girls will be girls.

That tough, sporty girl has been through a lot in her short life, and when asked if she had one wish, it was this: To meet hockey superstar and Washington Capitals left wing Alex Ovechkin. And meet him, she did. Thanks to Kids Wish Network (…where dreams really do come true).

Lauren and her family came to Washington, DC last week from their home in Norwalk, Connecticut, where the Kids Wish Network put them up at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Here’s where US Sedan comes in. 

Kids Wish Network made Lauren Santora’s dream come true, and we helped. US Sedan Service provided complimentary transportation for the Santora family as they spent a celebratory weekend in our nation’s capital.

Unhindered by her chronic illness, Lauren suited up in her very own, personalized Capitals jersey, and hit the ice with Ovechkin and his hockey brethren for a practice she’s not soon to forget.

“That was really fun,” said Lauren Santora.

Santora family limousine services

All Give Some. US Sedan Gives Thanks.

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I was commissioned in ’91. And I was branched into the Nuclear Biological Chemical Corps, because at the time the Gulf War was going on and they needed chemical officers. So I did that for a short while, and then I was able to secondary branch into Public Affairs, which is how I fulfilled the rest of my time in the service.

The date was September 17, 2001.

And it was on that day that Army Captain Leslie Smith boarded a plane bound for Bosnia.

It was not a safe place, per se, but we were there to help the local people rebuild their towns, and the schools, and the communities. To help them get back up on their feet after all the devastation.

Ask her, and she’ll tell you: “I had the best of both worlds.” As Captain Smith served her country and the Army, she was granted the unique privilege of working hand-in-hand with the Bosnian locals toward a common goal. This tour of duty was so rewarding that when it came time to think about going home, she chose to stay.

But a second tour was not to be.

About two weeks before the end of [my] first tour, I developed a blood clot in my left leg. I thought I had pulled a muscle or something, but when I went to the clinic, they did an ultrasound, and they said ‘blood clot’. More or less, I had to leave. There was no other option.

It was extremely devastating. 

Captain Smith packed only what she could carry, and upon her arrival home was immediately admitted to Walter Reed Army Medical Center where she soon fell gravely ill. Her family was called to say goodbye, and Smith was given but 24 hours to live. Despite her apparent “imminent death status,” the doctors didn’t give up, and neither did she.

They tried one last ditch effort, a medicine that very slowly started to turn things around. My body had started to produce thousands of clots. And it was just clotting off everything, killing off tissue and shutting my system down. So this medicine slowly started to reverse everything, but the damage was done. I had my left leg amputated right below the knee.

And I can remember going through the questions of: What do I do know? How can I ever be normal? Why me? How did this happen?

The doctors were mystified. Even more so when Captain Smith lost the vision in her left eye a few years later, and then the right a few years after that. Eventually, after a transfer to Johns Hopkins, Smith’s physicians determined that she was “exposed to some sort of chemical agent or a toxin.” What kind of chemical agent or toxin is anyone’s educated guess, but nevertheless the damage was done. The bright, stubborn Captain Leslie Smith had lost her leg, and was now legally blind.

Let’s fast forward a bit.

Captain Smith is home, has a service dog she calls Isaac, and is intent on resuming a new normal life — with gusto. She wants to go shopping, and to have her hair done, and to have Isaac groomed. But one grows weary of depending on the kindness of friends and neighbors, people who have their own lives and their own schedules.

I came to get involved with [US Sedan Service] through the Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon. They’re based out of New Jersey, and I actually got involved with their organization while trying to help another veteran, and in talking, I mentioned something about driving, and the challenges that come along with relying on neighbors.

[The relationship with US Sedan] has been amazing, in that I no longer have to worry about how I’m going to get to the store, or to get my hair cut. When something comes up, I no longer have to think, ‘Okay, how am I going to make this work?’

I already know it will work, and it just alleviates all the stress.

car service for veterans

car service for veterans

Highly Successful Chauffeur Traits

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Executive Chauffeurs are expected to dress nicely, highly trained, be punctual, and get you to your destination safely. However, there is that “something” that great chauffeurs have that sets them apart from the rest. What is this quality? Here are some traits we’ve found that make the difference.


A great chauffeur can instantly “read” a client and will know how to relate to them. During the course of their careers chauffeurs come across a wide range of people. Men and women, young and old, celebrities and businessmen. And usually a different approach is required for each of them. Knowing how to accurately assess each client is what separates the good from the great.


A great chauffeur radiates quiet confidence. Their clients feel calm and safe knowing that the chauffeur has everything under control. Great chauffeurs are always professional, yet friendly when transporting clients.
Great chauffeurs have their priorities in order. He or she arrives early and looks professional. They provide exceptional service to their clients on each and every trip.


Great chauffeurs have a passion for their work. They’re always looking for new ways to be better than before and ensure their clients have the ultimate positive experience. They basically live and breathe their work and their clients reap the rewards of their service.

Problem Solvers

Leaders take responsibility for their performance. When plans change or require attention the ultimate chauffeur finds ways to fix things quickly and get a plan back on track.

Not only do all of US Sedan’s Executive Chauffeurs have these traits, they are supported by a team of professionals providing:

~24 hour reservation department
~24 hour dispatch
~24 hour fleet maintenance
~Field supervision – Road observations, client relations, immediate client resolution and enhanced reporting
~Detailed account reporting and auditing

Stunning executive sedans, SUV’s, limousines, and specialty vehicles make up our meticulously maintained fleet. Whether traveling from the airport to an important meeting, or toting the family from one adventure to another, U.S. Sedan will escort you safely and expeditiously to your next destination.

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