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Transportation FAQs

What are your rates?

Rates vary according to location and type of service requested. Our reservation specialists are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide customers with vehicles choices and rate information.

What cities do you service?

U.S. Sedan is located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, however we provide national and international service through our affiliate network.

What type of vehicles do you provide?

U.S. Sedan has the latest models available to accommodate any size group. We provide sedans for up to 4 passengers, as well as motor coach transportation for a group of any size. For more details see the Vehicles page of this website.

Are your vehicles Smoking or Non Smoking?

Due to state law compliance all of our vehicles are Non-smoking.

Can I make a reservation online? Is the booking process on line easy to use?

Yes, you can access our reservations portal by clicking here. Our easy-to-use user interface is tailored for easy use. Every feature is designed to guide the customer through the booking process.

Can I book by phone and view the status of my reservation on the web?

Yes our clients will have the capability of booking by phone and viewing the status of the reservation via our website.

How do I get a receipt for my trip?

You may request a receipt to be faxed or emailed upon completion of the trip. Please call our reservation number at 1-888-US-SEDAN (1-888-877-3326).

How do I make a change or cancel service? What is your cancellation policy?

U.S. Sedan requires a 2-hour notice for cancellation to avoid charges. Contact our office for special events and specialty vehicles. Please contact 1-888-US-SEDAN (1-888-877-3326) and our reservation specialist will assist you with changes and cancellations.

How will I find the driver?

There are different locations specified for airports and train stations. Our reservation specialist will advise you of the location at the time of booking. If you cannot locate your chauffeur, call 888-US-SEDAN (888-877-3326), ask for “Dispatch”, and you will be directed to the appropriate person who will assist you.

How do I set up an account?

Contact our office at 1-888-US-SEDAN (1-888-877-3326) and a representative will assist you.

What if I require special assistance?

U.S. Sedan offers a wide range of services to accommodate requests ranging from child car seats to specialized security vehicles. Please see our services page on this website for details. If you have further questions, please call 1-888-US-SEDAN (1-888-877-3326).

How do I get driver information?

To obtain the requested information, call 1-888-US-SEDAN (1-888-877-3326).

Do you have a discount rate for specialty groups Military, AAA, AARP?

U.S. Sedan does not currently offer discounts for any specialty groups.

Do you have handicap accessible vehicles?

Contingent on the needs of the client, handicap accessible vehicles can be made available. For further details, call 1-888-US-SEDAN (1-888-877-3326).

How do I retrieve my trip receipt (Web, Email, or Mail)?

You can retrieve a receipt either by downloading it from ussedan.com, requesting it to be emailed to you, or requesting to receive it by mail.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Event Coordinators are experienced professionals who are capable of planning out your every transportation detail.

Diplomatic Services

Uncompromised attention to detail and exceeding expectations are what make us the leading chauffeur company of diplomatic transportation.

General Aviation

Servicing 5000 general aviation terminals, were the first choice for the general aviation industry in North America, Europe and Asia.