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Security Services

Today’s global executives are faced with many corporate and personal risks requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management. US Sedan understands that clients require personal protection that does not impede their ability to conduct business as normal. Our experienced and well trained security operators provide top quality executive protection services and personal security details. We are committed to providing the highest level of security and protection to our clients. Upon request, U.S. Sedan Service will arrange for special security services including Armored Transport Vehicles, Motorcade Security, Executive & Diplomatic protection, Security Escorts and Bodyguards for your safety.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Event Coordinators are experienced professionals who are capable of planning out your every transportation detail.

Diplomatic Services

Uncompromised attention to detail and exceeding expectations are what make us the leading chauffeur company of diplomatic transportation.

General Aviation

Servicing 5000 general aviation terminals, were the first choice for the general aviation industry in North America, Europe and Asia.