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Top Private Aviation Myths

private aviationPrivate aviation has a number of benefits for travelers. However, many individuals believe this type of travel is only for the extremely wealthy. While private jet travel might not be the right choice for everybody, travelers should look beyond the following myths when exploring their options.

Myth #1: Private aviation is only for the very rich

Although traveling by private jet does cost more than flying commercial, it’s not as inaccessible as many people believe. Most of the private jets that you see at the airport belong to charter services. These planes are primarily used by business people.
Private jets allow for greater flexibility and are able to land in more airports than commercial planes. This can actually save travelers on additional traveling costs and accommodations.

Myth # 2: Private jets are subject to just as many delays as commercial airlines during inclement weather

Private jets are able to land in more airports than commercial airlines. This gives pilots the option of waiting until bad weather passes or choosing to land in an alternate airport.

Myth # 3: Flying commercial is faster

Some of the fastest jets in the world are private jets. In addition to being faster, private jets are able to travel above commercial airlines, helping them avoid the bad weather and turbulence that can slow them down.

When you fly private aviation, you effectively eliminate lengthy wait times. There is no need to wait for a private jet to be unloaded and boarded. Travelers flying private aviation avoid security checks as well. Flying private aviation ensures that you arrive at your destination on time, every time.

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